[TSE] How to improve your quality of code reviews on Microverse

Aziz Mejri
2 min readJan 6, 2021


working as a Microverse TSE gave me a lot of experience in code reviews, and i wanted the share some of them today to the rest of the TSEs to improve the quality of code reviews!

so here are 3 things to improve the quality of your CR

Always read the comments of the PR (especially on capstones where you’re projects)

most TSEs would read only the title and description when checking a PR, but sometimes, a student would comment on the bottom with something that is important, so always make sure you read the whole thing.

Give as much information to the student as possible

on the Enumerable project for example, we have automated tests which help us find the errors easily, but I noticed a lot of TSEs either copy pasting the errors or pasting the code that failed, and it’s error message and what you would expect, but I don’t see the variables being listed there, so when you tell them “array.my_each(&block)” they have no idea what are “array” and “block” and it would confuse them
here’s how I list all variables used in testing:

please always link at the bottom of your reviews a contact method, so the students can reach out to you if they need some help!

a student might get confused by your review and need more clarification, giving them a way of contacting you will make it easier to reach out to you and solve the confusion, of course, if they reached out to help them in a problem that they couldn’t fix, and you’re not sure either how to fix it, you can always link them the Zendesk article to schedule a meeting with a full time TSE!

I’ll make another one if I notice any other things to mention, but for now, that is all, thanks for taking the time to read.


Aziz Mejri.